Introducing Your Children To Asian Cuisine

Published September 16th, 2013 by Devteam


Exploring foreign cuisine can an intimidating task, especially for young children. The unfamiliar appearance, ingredients, or even the aroma of an exotic meal might be just a little beyond their comfort zone of chicken fingers or mac and cheese. Fortunately, the Gingerootz Asian Grille provides an ideal environment for your children to explore Asian cuisine and broaden their culinary horizons. Our menu features many tasty delicacies that are certain to please even the pickiest of eaters.
For parents who would like to slowly introduce their children to traditional Asian food, why not begin with the Young Warrior portion of the menu? Here, you will find some familiar items with an eastern twist so as to gently ease your kids' transition into this foreign territory. If your children like barbecue chicken, they’ll love the chicken satay skewers which are served with a side of French fries. For the pasta lovers, try our Eternal Life Noodle. For even more fun, order the Dragon Fried Rice and let them pretend that the chicken is “dragon” so they can really channel their warrior spirit. Don’t forget to order one of our special kiddie cocktails to accompany their dinner.
Children are also more likely to try new dishes if they feel involved in the “creation” of their meal. Gingerootz features a Customize-A-Bowl section of the menu which allows them to personalize their noodle bowl by choosing which ingredients and sauces they'd like to include. Just imagine how excited your kids will feel once their “masterpiece” arrives and the delight on their faces as they taste their very own special creation. (You might have your very own “Iron Chef” in the making!) My personal favorite is Rice Stix Noodles with spicy XO sauce, mixed vegetables and shrimp. Delish! Another great way to make your children feel involved is to order a variety of different sushi rolls and letting them pick and choose which ones they’d like to sample. They’ll be so fascinated by the wide selection of sushi that they won’t be able to resist trying each one.
Encouraging your children to try the new dishes not only opens their eyes to another country’s cuisine, but it also fosters their interest in its culture and traditions as well. So for an appetizing adventure into the Far East, invite your children along with you to your next meal at the Gingerootz Asian Grille. For further information, contact us or visit our website.
Happy Dining!

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